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The new STN platform delivers essential value-added content from Chemical Abstracts and Thomson Reuters' Derwent World Patents Index, along with global full-text patent information, in an intuitive, powerful interface designed for professional IP searching. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, new STN revolutionizes patent searching by making it possible to explore STN's unique content collection in new ways to find answers fast and develop unique insight.
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The new search interface has been completely redesigned to integrate with users’ workflow and increase efficiency. Training and support materials have been created to help you get familiar with the new look and feel, and transition your search experience to the new STN platform. Training opportunities include:
  • In-product Help - Accessible on demand, Help provides search examples and key content details, and is formatted for easy printing if desired.
  • Orientation - A variety of live and recorded sessions are planned to support transitioning your skills to the new STN platform. Get started fast with a one-hour recorded WebEx orientation session available on-demand. The password for access to all new STN training materials is GetStarted.

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